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10 ways to start taking excellent care of yourself

In a busy world we are all working towards a better use of our time and resources. Here are some directions that might help.

  1. What are the things that are sapping your mental physical and emotional vitality? Make a list.

  2. Where are you being ambivalent. Saying yes when you mean no? Identify one and get clear, then check in with yourself.

  3. Work - Life Balance, where are you losing business to busy-ness?

  4. Sleep, if you are not getting enough, what needs to change?

  5. Food, are you feeling well with what you are eating? Review your nutrition and dependency on sugar, caffeine and refined flour.

  6. Exercise Are you taking care of your body, doing things that stretch you physically and improve your morale? If not, find something that you like, or is fun and do it!

  7. Drugs and Alcohol. With the goal of feeling better are you doing things that are making you feel worse?

  8. Loneliness. Is your authentic self getting the attention you need? Are you being heard.

  9. Ennui. Are you being true to yourself? What can you do to get out of a rut?

  10. Wants and needs. Are you confusing the two. Identify your real needs and give them priority.


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