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Therapist, Life Coach and Relationship Counselling in the UK and France


Tools For A Better Life And Dealing With Change

Tools For A Better Life And Dealing With Change

Change is exciting if it means new opportunity or learning to drive a new car. It is shocking and upsetting if it involves death, separation or having to change the way we see and do things. Some have varying degrees of natural resilience that helps them get through it, others need conscious emotional support to grieve what was.  We can adapt and it helps if someone has our back,  someone to help us make sense of our reactions and design a path forward.  That's what I do. 

How Can Coaching Help?

Living your own life and stepping outside the role.

What does it mean to be true to ourselves today as men and women? What is it to be a father, a son, a grandparent, to age, to find value in retirement? Get the support you need to step outside the box - one conversation at a time

Coping with change and moving on.  Divorce, Loss - starting over.

As we get older we find that learning to grieve is an essential life skill, that brings truth, acceptance, lucidity and compassion.  How I listen to you will help you to develop these qualities. 

Self-care and Self esteem.

Are you making the time for what’s important to you? Are you taking care of your physical well-being and giving space to your enthusiasm, passion and creativity, or is that only for others?

Defining your relationship with IT, VR and the world of new technology.

Do you feel that you are being consumed by your relationship with phones, laptops, tablets and smart tech? It look like the machines are here to stay for better or for worse, however I believe we all have more choice than these beguiling applications, algorithms and programs would want us to know. 

Too many hours in front of the screen?

We can define our relationship with this technology.  How far do you want to go, between a strict ban on all technology and full substrate emulation (downloading yourself!)? Coaching will help you decide how to balance the pull into the virtual world and your need to stay on board with your living breathing physical self. 


Work / life balance.

In the mesh of professional relationships and obligations, the range of choices can be unclear.  Are you sacrificing strategy in order to spend all your time putting out fires?  How do you give to Caesar while honouring your needs and life purpose?  What values do you hold as sacred and what are they telling you?  Call and book a sample call and let’s take a look.

What Now?

If you book a sample session you will be able to decide if my coaching is a good match for you.  We can come to an agreement over what you want to achieve and get started.  I commit to using my skills, to help you become more aware of yourself in a new and different way.  Your gifts, qualities, values and abilities and strengths are your levers for progressive and durable change in your attitude towards yourself.  You decide the areas of your life that you would like to enhance and improve.

It is not my job to tell you what to think, believe or do.  It will be my responsibility to point out the inconsistencies that might be getting in the way and determine where you are sabotaging yourself or in a rut. Sometimes this is not comfortable.  I am not there to provide quick fixes, nor do I believe in the tyranny of positivity or spiritual bypassing. My role is to get you fully on board with yourself so that you can make the best of what your life is offering.

Generally speaking, the frequency of our sessions can be as much as once a week to start with, most clients find significant relief within a six to ten week period and then may choose to reduce the frequency of our sessions or terminate them, coming back for further sessions as wanted.

Fees by arrangement.  I would not expect a young adult on minimum wage to pay the same as the VP of a Fortune 500 company.

Ready to get started?
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