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Therapist, Life Coach and Relationship Counselling in the UK and France


Relationship Coaching

Relationship Coaching

How we are with ourselves will play out in all our relationships, the things you tell yourself and what you believe are important, what are they? What qualities, attributes perspectives and skills might be useful to you? Are you saying yes and no where it counts?  Talk me though what works for you and what doesn't - put your best foot forward. 

How Can Relationship Coaching Help?

Are you showing up fully in your social, professional and love life?

Improved communication leads to improved outcomes in all areas of life, yes and can be scary. Learn what it is to value and affirm yourself and others.

How you are with yourself will determine how you treat others.

How you deal with and what you tell yourself will play out in the quality, depth and awareness of your personal and professional relationships. I can help reduce inner conflict by analysing the various points of view and centres of interest and aligning them to a more integrated version of yourself.

Fed up with seeing the same dynamics get played out in your relationships?

Stop making the same mistakes and start doing things differently. Learn to listen more deeply to the inner voice that wants the best for you.  Talk me through this and let’s see what’s getting in the way.

Is what you learned about relationships helping or hindering?

How others were with us as children tends to set the stage for how well we can hear ourselves. The degree of love, support, indifference, neglect or abuse that we knew as children affects our capacity for listening, but we can learn to listen to others and ourselves.

What do you need to feel genuinely better about yourself?

I can help you break the cycle of Co-dependency that fosters shame and low self-esteem. Call me and let’s make sure your narrative and beliefs are serving you and the person you want to become. Work with me and learn to leverage your strengths instead of giving power and attention to what isn’t working for you. 


What can you do to “change the station”?

I will accompany you to go deeper so you know which part of you is making the choices. If you can handle my sense of humour and are willing to take that next step give me a call.

What Now?

If you book a sample session you will be able to decide if my coaching is a good match for you.  We can come to an agreement over what you want to achieve and get started.  I commit to using my skills, to help you become more aware of yourself in a new and different way.  Your gifts, qualities, values and abilities and strengths are your levers for progressive and durable change in your attitude towards yourself.  You decide the areas of your life that you would like to enhance and improve.

It is not my job to tell you what to think, believe or do.  It will be my responsibility to point out the inconsistencies that might be getting in the way and determine where you are sabotaging yourself or in a rut. Sometimes this is not comfortable.  I am not there to provide quick fixes, nor do I believe in the tyranny of positivity or spiritual bypassing. My role is to get you fully on board with yourself so that you can make the best of what your life is offering.

Generally speaking, the frequency of our sessions can be as much as once a week to start with, most clients find significant relief within a six to ten week period and then may choose to reduce the frequency of our sessions or terminate them, coming back for further sessions as wanted.

Fees by arrangement.  I would not expect a young adult on minimum wage to pay the same as the VP of a Fortune 500 company.

Ready to get started?
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