Therapist, Counsellor and LifeCoach

Working to support improved communication and empowered choices.

Helping clients achieve greater understanding of themselves and their true value in order to build purposeful connected lives in times of profound change.

Counselling clients towards improved outcomes for 33 years,  I’ve been a Therapist since 1987 and Professional Coach since 2008

take your place in your bright

Time to put your best foot forward

"Wherever you go, there you are, is it time to put your whole self into the game?"

  • Done with self sabotage?  

  • Done with those emotional groundhog days? 

  • Discover and mobilise your resources

  • Harmonise those conflicted inner voices

  • Get into the mechanics of making choices that build esteem and reflect who you really are

Wheat Field
  • Fed up with seeing the same dynamics get played out in your relationships? 

  • Take a good look at what you can do to “change the station”

  • How you are with yourself will influence this

  • Learn what it is to value and affirm yourself and others  

  • Stop making the same mistakes and start doing things differently  

  • Go deeper so you know which part of you is making the choices

  • Break the cycle of Co-dependency that fosters shame and low self esteem and keeps you small

stop hurting yourself.jpg

Know yourself, strengths and weaknesses

  • Face the addictions that bind you.

  • How do you want to respond to the people places and things in your life.

  • What do you need more / less of? 

  • What will help you be more creative, humorous, daring, courageous and brilliant?

  • Do you ever wonder why you are here?

  • Are you ready to find out?

Real support to manage change

  • Life is Change.

  • Losing the comfort of what was to make way for the unfamiliar, this can be emotionally difficult. 

  • By talking this through with me, you can smooth out the rough spots

  • Uncover and use your unique inner skills to become the friend you need today

  • You have this.

Montpellier, Bordeaux or onscreen with Whatsapp or Zoom

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