Put your best foot forward 

To help you achieve significant and measurable progress, I will help you to see your beliefs, your attitudes and your feelings and how your behaviour is serving them.  I will accompany you as I listen and will ask real questions which will give you greater insight and choice.  You will have the opportunity to develop a more honest relationship with your self while developing your gifts, qualities, strengths and creative capacity.

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More About Me

Counsellor and Therapist since 1987, supporting personal responsibility and self help.  Encouraging people to make better choices.


Since qualifying as a Coach in 2008 I have worked with professionals  and private individuals.  

“Good communication is about being real, we need to suspend judgement of ourselves and others.  Using our values helps build trust, stay present and do more business.”



Presence-Based Approach

Support That Makes a Difference


Supporting your Personal Development

Why are you here? 

When are you at your best? 

What will help you be creative, humorous, daring, courageous or brilliant?

Where are you selling yourself short?

What will move you forward?

Know your values and see what is really important to you. 

Time to step up to the plate.

“Do not dwell in the past, do not dream of the future, concentrate the mind on the present moment”



Relationship Coaching Session

Whether you have or whether you want a primary relationship, how you are with yourself will be a crucial determinant.

Life Coaching

What do you want more (or less!) of in your life?

Life is constant evolution and change.
Change can be hard.

Life is full of change. 

Change is about grief and acceptance.

What is the best way you can support yourself?
Know recognise and use your real strengths as levers for lasting improvement.

Schedule a Session

In Montpellier

or by Whatsapp or Zoom

+33 6 22 84 27 65


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Get to Know Me

Bilingual in English and French, I’ve been a Therapist since 1987 and Professional Coach since 2008, helping clients achieve greater understanding of themselves and the things that get in their way. Work with me and you will come to recognise the dynamics that are running in the background.  By identifying them, you get to choose.  My skills are there to help you know your own values and design the life you want.


Face to face in the Montpellier area or by Whatsapp or Zoom

Contact  +33 6 22 84 27 65


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