Put your best foot forward 

To help you achieve significant and measurable progress, I will help you to see your beliefs, your attitudes and your feelings and how your behaviour is serving them.  I will accompany you as I listen and will ask real questions which will give you greater insight and choice.  You will have the opportunity to develop a more honest relationship with your self while developing your gifts, qualities, strengths and creative capacity.

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More About Me

Early years in the UK, supporting recovery for addicts and family members. 


Encouraging personal responsibility and self help, helping people to make better choices.


Since qualifying as a Coach in 2008 I have worked with managers and staff in business and private individuals.

“Good communication is about walking through the fear of the unknown, suspending judgement of ourselves and others.  Living our authentic values helps build trust, stay present and do more business.”



Presence-Based Approach

Support That Makes a Difference


Life Coaching Session

Get the Most out of Life

Life is constant evolution and change.
Dealing with change is sometimes challenging.  

We may accept the need for change while our inner selves feel scared and stressed out.

I will show you how to achieve inner clarity and improve the quality of your life and relationships.

You will more clearly understand the levers of choice, in perception and action.

You will discover new ways of leveraging resources to face life's challenges.


Career Coaching Session

Guidance & Inspiration

What is your dream? 

What are you doing when you're at your best? 

With whom are you at your most creative, humorous, daring, courageous or brilliant?

Where are you selling yourself short?

What can you bring into your life today that will move you forward?

Know your values and see what is really important to you. 

Time to step up to the plate.

Relationship Coaching Session

Relationships dont always turn out the way we imagine.

When the 'in love' phase becomes the choice to love.

When you have to face the fear of abandonment and say no anyway. 

When the rubber hits the road and we start getting real about who we are and what we need.   

Coaching can help us to see what is important in our relationships with ourselves and others.  We get to see the bigger picture and develop behaviours that affirm both ourselves and our partners.

“Do not dwell in the past, do not dream of the future, concentrate the mind on the present moment”



Schedule a Session

In Montpellier

or by Whatsapp or Zoom

+33 6 22 84 27 65


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Get to Know Me

I’ve been a fully-certified Life Coaching Professional since 2008, helping english and french speaking clients throughout Europe to achieve their personal and professional goals. My job is to help you identify the core challenges and dynamics that are running in the background of your life. By identifying them, you get to choose who drives your bus!   Together we will develop a specialised plan of action that will guide you to your desired goals.


I work from my office near Sommieres, or by Phone Skype or Whatsapp

Contact  +33 6 22 84 27 65


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