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Overthinking can keep us stuck. Our minds seem to take over and put a false spin on reality, sometimes generating feelings of fear and anxiety. This puts brakes on our natural creativity and enthusiasm. Being mindful of our bodies can help get past this.

It can be as simple as deciding to take a few steps outside that can lead to a walk. The act of putting one foot in front of the other will ask the heart and lungs to bring oxygen and life to our extremities in the same way that stepping down on the road earth or grass in front of us we bring attention to where we are putting our feet.

After walking for a while we will notice that the tempo and stridency of our thoughts start aligning themselves to the pace of our movement and we become more and more connected to our physical self. Going for a walk may not solve the problems affecting our mental state, but it can help us develop the means to deal with our problems by giving us perspective and physical well-being

It is interesting to measure how much resistance you experience to simple acts of self care. Is the strength of your resistance an indication of the value of pushing through it?

For future reference, you might like to note down the tone and content of the voice or voices that are against your choice to move. As you feel your feet hitting the ground, allow yourself to feel any shift towards a more positive attitude. All of this will be useful as you get to know yourself better and see how inner criticism limits choice. Enjoy your walk.



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