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I believe that a good Coach can help a client identify and work more constructively with their blocks to personal and professional progress. Blocks like the fear of success, fear of failure, fear of loss, fear of the unknown, fear of change are common to the human experience and, while daunting, are part of our collective experience. We can talk about these fears, knowing that we are not alone.

Sometimes it is not that simple. Sometimes there are blocks or saboteur behaviours that actually prevent us from gettting to where we want to go. That is how Individual Coaching can bring about significant and lasting improvements. Using the Internal Family systems model, that views the individual as an organisation of inner parts, a trained and experienced Coach can ask the right kind of non judgemental questions. This process will help identify the part or parts that might be operating in a way that blocks the clients capacity to make a decision, to speak up, to follow through with a project, to ask for a raise, to say no, to say yes! the list is endless.

I have had breakthrough experiences in bringing understanding and compassion to those parts that would seem to be obstructing me in the workplace and my personal life, often involving relationships, creative endeavours, self esteem and my capacity for connection. It is this increasing freedom to act from the authentic self that I can share with others through my Coaching.



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